Does frequent ejaculation help ward off prostate cancer?

Does frequent ejaculation help ward off prostate cancer?

Marc Garnick, M.D., Editor in Chief of Harvard Medical School’s Annual Report on Prostate Diseases, says:

Two relatively large studies of this question, reported in 2003 and 2004, yielded good news for sexually active men: high ejaculation frequency seemed to protect against prostate cancer.

As part of Harvard’s Health Professionals Follow-up Study, 29,342 men between the ages of 46 and 81 reported their average number of ejaculations per month in young adulthood (ages 20–29), in mid-life (ages 40–49), and in the most recent year. Ejaculations included sexual intercourse, nocturnal emissions, and masturbation. Study participants also provided comprehensive health and lifestyle data every two years from 1992 to 2000. The scientists found that men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer compared with men who reported four to seven ejaculations a month throughout their lifetimes.

An Australian study of 2,338 men came to a similar conclusion. In all, men who averaged 4.6 to seven ejaculations a week were 36% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 70 than men who ejaculated less than 2.3 times a week on average. The study found no connection between prostate cancer and the number of sex partners. (An earlier study, however, found that men who had sex with 30 or more women were two to three times more likely to develop prostate cancer than men with only one partner.)

Further study is needed to investigate possible protective mechanisms. In theory, emptying the prostate of potentially irritating or harmful substances might be one such mechanism. Regardless of the reason why, take comfort in the fact that ejaculation is not only pleasurable, but also may convey health benefits.

SOURCES: Leitzmann MF, Platz EA, Stampfer MJ, et al. Ejaculation Frequency and Subsequent Risk of Prostate Cancer. Journal of the American Medical Association 2004;291:1578–86. PMID: 15069045.

Giles GG, Severi G, English ER, et al. Sexual Factors and Prostate Cancer. BJU International 2003;92:211–16. PMID: 12887469.

Originally published April 2009; last reviewed February 24, 2011.


I have to admit… I picked up the habit in my mid teensI went to bed then I realized that masturbation is very healthy andsometimes I could not sleep tonight in less I did before I went to bed then I realized that masturbation is very healthy and beneficial for other purposes but I did realize how important it was. I have a condition up lexie all of my life and considering I have to get radom bloodtests for what the condition via my medication in my bloodstream.
it will calm me down more relaxed and it stabilizes everything not only for my condition my stress levels and all of my vitals that are checked for my blood work and when I go to my blood tests on a regular basis.

when my mother was diagnosed with cancer I put a major toll on our entire family. my swing so we’ve been majorly affected by this they have never taken this into consideration for their marriages to help bring them back into place or they need to be especially for the sake of their own is let the drinking mental illnesses it has driven a spike through the relations of the entire family this probably helped a lot of things and bring the family back together in a lot of ways if it did but I don’t know if it would but it would sure help to relationship of the immediate families and the marriage of for where they were and what they should be. it’s a shame that most marriages have to have a status of power within the relationship how we do. That’s a sad thing and how it disrupts the relationship within the marriage which does put an effect on the children and down the road it disrupts the lifestyle overall. I hope they find some stableness if they stand their dilemmas and stabilize everything throughout


Rob , you are very immature . This is a site for adults and childish comments like that help serve no one. Are you trying to troll ? I think he raised interesting points and I for one AM interested . Please go back your “xbox”.


You must care because your reading it, if not you should care because your a man.
So why don’t you care?


@Neil: You are very right with what you said to Rob and I admire you for being a good person, but the way you talked to Rob was wrong and wouldn’t resolve the issue. People will diliberately go out of their way not to listen to you if they think that you are attacking them when you try to communicate to them. It’s important that you understand yourself so that you can understand others, and vise versa.

Peace out lol


Your English is horrible. Learn sentence structure. I have no idea of what you were trying to say. Just alot of words strung together with the occasional period.

Billy I he nacho Ernest

I ve gone through your write up on prostrate cancer. Please I still wsnt to be convinced that constant sex or ejaculations can cause prostrate cancer

Nurse Marie

All you have to do is google prostate health and ejaculation frequency” and you will have lots of article to “convince” you. It makes sense that men should masturbate to empty their testicles of old semen. Just be sure you are getting enough zinc in your diet because each ejaculation lowers that mineral which is essential to many functions in the body, including your sexual health.


hi, my dad went for check up and the out come of the result said he has prostrate cancer.
he his 65yrs old, what can we do?

[…] feedback. I also read an article that says frequent ejaculation can be good for prostate health. Does frequent ejaculation help ward off prostate cancer? – Harvard Prostate Knowledge – Harvard Heal… I feel more at ease with the whole prospect, but I'm still curious if anyone know One thing still […]

mathias leblanc

i am fucking twice weekly by using vacurect to harden my seems to be working because when 1 took an a1c test it sho, which was 4.0.


i diagnosed with chronic prostatitise in 2009 still i suffered and struggle with symtomse i am only 27 and i hade symtomse from my teenage age low sex drive erectil dysfunction and low sperm is my symtom anuse pain frequent urination

Jacques Cousteau

I’m so sorry to hear about your father.

I hope he’s fighting it hand and fist. I hope we all are

Name: Gordon L. Brown Email:

My belief is that semen is a bodily fluid, and passing it through wet dreams or masturbation is a healthy deterrent to becoming a sexually famished pervert… getting it out of the system helps a man relax if he chooses a solitary lifestyle. The religions that say masturbation is a sin are leading many men into health problems but this issue is not met head on by health professionals with them. The condom solved much in this direction; now it is up to the medical profession to present data to remove masturbation as a sinful act… many religious followers live with this taboo and I can say that it weighs heavily on keeping a clear and concentrated mind at work.
My point in essence is that the world may have to have a religious-medical series of meetings to clarify matters…. after all, apart from adultery, the Ten Commandments do not get involved in sexual matters, and as far as I recall, neither did Jesus. Thanks for reading me.

john doe

Calling out a couple of posts here.

Best advice by Nurse Marie, thank you.

And Gordon Brown, you have made a great point in your post.

men from far east

Umm just want to ask if how long would it take to know that male semen is old?pls I want a clear asnwer


i had psa screening number was 4 for some time. 2yrs later having being screened every 6 months my count went down every time 3.9 3.6 3.2 now it is 3.0 ..i put this down to
changing frequency of ejaculation to at least 6 times a week
my dad died of p.c. he got his first screening at 70yrs but it was too late,hadnt had any symptoms, but past away 3 yrs later…figured it had been with him for at least 15 yrs
didnt need to die,
early detection is the key . GET SCREENED, I started at
40 yrs of age, now 56


I’m agree what Mr Gordan Brown Mentioned about his theory.The ways and ideas he’s giving is exactly brilliant and logic.


Didn’t help me. I usually ejaculated two to four times a day, either with the wife (preferably!) or without. Still got aggressive prostate cancer.


I have masturbated regularly since the age of 12, and also masturbated during my marriage. At 85 and without a wife, I masturbate about 3 or 4 times per week. I don’t always get out semen, but I get the same feeling of ejaculation and get out a small quantity of semen about once per week.

I wanted to ask my doctor if the two things were related, but have been embarrassed to do so, but after reading the articles it seems that a degree of masturbation does deter prostate cancer. I will continue my masturbation at least until it is proven otherwise.

simeon sami

I have prostate cancer surgery and weak erection. I do not have ejaculation.what do you advice me to have it?
Thank you for your attention.



Hey Doc

I want to husband is in sharp pain.. he has surgery soon..these days he is visiting doc for radiation therapy. Bt nothing is helping him..I m his 2nd wife..he got married 4 yrs physical jst thrice in his 4yrs marriage n has 2 boys. Before we cd meet he shared about his testicular cancer…nothing changed between us..his masturbating habit is increasing day by day as he thinks dat dis is d only solution..we shd not gt physical. cancer is in stage 1..all the symptoms are there..broad chest, sharp n dull pain in abdomen, grown testicle, lambago, etc. Now he is trying to make me hate him jst bcoz he thinks dat he cant complete me, satisfy me. Even he is avoiding medicines. Plzz suggest wat can be done in such situation. How I take him in trust dat my love is still d same for him..even more.


Oops I forgot one thing to mention that it is not easy to get ejaculate..he is forcing himself for dat.. giving pain for dat
Thank for considering..Ill wait for ur response ASAP

bob fistojoy

Really come on guys it’s all in the geens, we are all born with cancer cells just a particular event triggers it to start growing. Just live a healthy life it’s all a lottery if you get cancer or not just have regular checks and tests all the above is utter crap honestly.

karen lola

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Why is there not more info from doctors to patients about the importance of ejaculation to protect prostate health ?
I found this information on the internet but a lot of older men don’t even know how to get on the internet or even have a computer. Many older men’s wives have lost their labito and the husbands are not going to go to some bar to pick up a strange woman for sex. That only leaves one alternative and that is to do what these men did when they were teenagers and by themselves with a sexy magazine.
Is this information not put out because of religious reasons or is it controversial. I think many men need to have this important medical news. It could save their lives.


The likely explanation for lower prostate cancer incidence is that semen accumulating with the prostate slowly begins to decay, and over time those decay products can lead to cancer.
So Move OUT the old batch of semen as often as you can (ejaculation), and keep new stuff moving IN.


We just got over Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Why not honor our ladies by wearing pink sometime during the month of October. Maybe they can wear blue for us next September when Prostate Cancer Awareness Month comes back again.
And also lets hope our ladies and/or wives are understanding about men’s need to flush out their prostates on a regular basis to help prevent prostate cancer.


In my October post I should have said ladies or wives instead of ladies and/or wives. Sorry for the mis-type.


I think it is interesting that the Harvard Medical School study proposes that frequent ejaculations will lower the risk of developing prostate cancer in older men; however, any ejaculation tends to raise at least temporarily the PSA SCORE. In fact, urologists urge male patients to avoid masturbating or sex at least 3 days prior to having the PSA tests to avoid skewing results.
Does anyone have a comment on these facts?


Doctors, what percentage of men could prolong their lives by regularly emptying their prostate rather than not doing so ? Thanks.


These studies suggest that masturbation and sex can be beneficial to your prostate. However many other studies I have read say otherwise. Is this study any more comprehensive than thoughs completed by other researchers?


Hey mate! Nice page and vids- I love the way you record ysueorlf and how raw it is.. You now have a Brazilian/Italian chap now based in london following you and looking forward to seeing more vids. Keep it up!Cheers


Its all about the amount if animal protein in the diet. All outlined in the book called ‘The Gerson Therapy’.


i believe religion discourages masturbation becuase it tends to reduce the tendency for men(especially the 25-40yr olds)to have sex with thier wives leading to destruction of matrimonial obligations and vows which could result into devorce. I am yet to know of a woman/lady that allows sex 4-7 times a week just to help a man empty his prostate as required for protection against cancer. these issues are difficult to comeby. is there away to empty the prostate without sex, musturbastion, ejaculation? Doctor, please help.

DR. David Samson

For both female and male advice on sex and sexual health consulting us will be the best option for free . Contact or whatsapp us on +2348177889797. Be the best to make your family unite

Marcos Elrod

I am considering a prostate biopsy. One of the things that scare me is the Cipro antibiotic because of possible tendon tears ( I am 68 years old ). Do you recommend an alternative drug without this side effect ?


I dont know guys but I am fifty years old, and have been masturbating even before I am a teenager. Now I ejaculate at least seven times per week. I am feeling great and very active. I am always very horny and always get an erection when required. so guys form your conclusion. This is my testimony

E honein

I am interested to know the fate of semen if not ejaculated either through sexual intercourse or nocturnal emissions [wet dreams].is it completely broken down presumably by proteolytic enzymes and reabsorbed into the body and which part of the male genital system carries out this process ,thus ensuring a normal ductal system free of debris . i would appreciate a medical response from our medical peers.


Could prolonged masturbation lead to the formation of
hemmorhoids ? If so, if a person shortened his session, would that lessen his chances of developing them ?
Thanks doctors.


Yes, and I think this information needs to be mentioned most frequently
especially to widowers, single males, and married men whose wives have lost their libido. But how might frequent masturbation possibly lead to the formation of hemmorhoids?
I did not realize the importance for males to empty their
prostate to help prevent prostate cancer until I stumbled across the information on line.

concerned world citizen

A public health alert should be sent out by the WHO (World Health Organization) . All women should be made aware that sex is now a life saving matter. They are to do as a public service. Million of dollars are spent each year on a easily preventable problem. Five minutes to safe a life, I call upon all governments to make daily sex for our men a constitutional right. Male sex should be added to the list of human right by the UN. Prostate cancer is becoming an epidemic. We should have escalation centres set up in large cities for men with spouses. If the situation was reversed and women were the ones affected they would be out in the street begging us to save their lives. Now do be selfish save a man’s life today. Have a little sex. Lol


I’m 64, married, and had sex with my wife and masturbated regularly – 2-3 times a week. If I would have known having more frequent sex may prevent prostate cancer, I would done done it every day. 6 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. Up to then I had no issues getting a good erection, had sex regularly, i went for my visit with my urologist last year and was advised my cancer spread. My only option was to have my prostate removed. If I would have known the benefits of more frequent sex, I would have done it. I’ve read studies that diet, heredity, and ethnicity is a factor of prostate cancer.
If you have a healthy prostate, and can get a good erection, you are blessed! With my prostate gone I am partly incontinent and have ed. Cialis and Viagra is a joke—it is bad,for you and can cause heart attacks. I can tale l-arginine or Damiana, but that doesn’t make up for what I lost. I don’t have to worry about a high psa level and a rectal exam, but I miss my prostate.

Jimoh Emmanuel

incase if your wife is having health otherwise,and is not fit for regular sex;masturbation and having a woman friend for regular sex,which one is adviseable since religion is against all of these?


I am having prostrate enlarge. can still having erection and it good having sex or masturbation once in a week. help me


Well looking over the net I found out that there is no conclusive evidence to that many factors are involved and we do not know whether the ejaculation itself or other factors indirectly related are responsible. Other studies I found either say not significant relation or a negative relation actually.

Bear in mind that surveys are the lowest form of data people may provide inaccurate or biased information about their habits add to that the fact that cancer incidence depends on diet for example so how is it possible to completely rule out the effect of diet?

personally I am confused about this one as evidence is conflicting may be further research is needed and it is too early to conclude


It seems to me that a prostate has a less likely chance to become enlarged if it emptied of seminal fluid a few times weekly. How it is released is up to the man.


Lets say a man has not ejaculated for a long time and
carcinogenic cells have formed in his prostate. Then he has sex with his wife or lady friend. Can she get a form of cancer ? This may be a dumb question, but I just wondered. Regardless, men need to frequently empty their prostate no matter how they do it.

Cumload big one

Prostate always full, blow load over wifes face two times a day and have anal and vaggy sex always. No problems so keep blowing big loads out, hope this help to no have the prostate rip out..

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